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Ffilmiau / Films

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Chwedl Dŵr / Fairytale of Water: trailer

Commissioned by WOW Film Festival

Chwedl Dŵr / Fairytale of Water

Where the Water keeps no Secrets

A story of the ageless human relationship with the Ceredigion hills, through film, folk tale, poetry, music, storytelling, song, projections, objects, live music, illustration and photography.

A view through the looking glass backwards towards tomorrow.

Ffilm/ Film: Jacob Whittaker

Storiwr/Storyteller: Peter Stevenson

Ffidl a Llais/Fiddle & Voice: Elsa Davies

Telyn a Llais/Harp & Voice: Ceri Owen-Jones

Viol a Llais/ Viol & Voice: Ailsa Mair Hughes.

Films made with 

Rhyfel y Sais Bach

Blodau'r Draen / The Talking Tree

The Llanina Mermaid

Siani Pob Man

Plant Rhys Ddwfn

John Roberts of the Frolic

Blodau'r Draen / The Talking Tree: trailer


Made for Ports Past and Present, 2022

Remember Tomorrow

The Crow and the Canary: trailer

Clip from Chwedl Aberystwyth / Fairytale of Aberystwyth

Bragu Blodeuedd


Three Skeleton Keys, made by Gareth Bailey and Peter Stevenson for Abertoir Film Festival 2020, from an episode of 'Escape' recorded in 1950 and narrated by the one and only Vincent Price.

Conversation recorded by Native Spirit Festival on 16.11.2021 between Seneca film maker Terry S Jones (Seneca Nation - Wolf Clan), Jacob Whittaker and Peter Stevenson, 

Short promo film for Boggarts, Trolls & Tylwyth Teg, made with the ai dof a snorri cam by Rhys Thwaites Jones back in the freezing cold of February.

The story of Plant Rhys Ddwfn recorded at Dyfi Junction Railway Station for Singing the Line in 2014, a project designed by Joanna Bond and Jacob Whittaker to support the return of the railway line from Aberystwyth to Carmarthen.

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