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Chwedleua / Storytelling


Y Cwilt / The Quilt

Chwedleua am Cymru ac Appalachia / Tales from Appalachia and Wales

Chwedleua, Cerddoriaeth, Darlun a Chranci / Storytelling, Music, Live drawing and a crankie

Peter Stevenson, Valériane Leblond

Cara Cullen a Ben McManus

Cyfarfyddiadau rhwng diwylliannau Cymru a'r Appalachaidd Gynhenid trwy straeon gwerin, cerddoriaeth a chelfyddyd weledol, wedi eu gosod at ei gilydd yn sgil ymweliadau â'r Mynyddoedd Appalachaidd, sgyrsiau a chân yr adar a gludwyd ar y gwynt ar draws ffiniau. Yn cynnwys: Chwedl adnabyddus y Tywysog Madoc; ymchwiliad John Evans am y Mandan; Siani Pob Man; y Dyn Unig a'r coiote a Wil Cefn Goch; Mari Berllan Piter; ymweliad Buffalo Bill ag Aberystwyth ym 1904.


Encounters between the Welsh and Appalachian American cultures through folk tales, music and visual art, pieced together from visits to the Appalachian Mountains, conversations and birdsong carried on the wind across boundaries. Featuring the legend of Prince Madoc, John Evans's search for the Native Mandan, Rhyfel y Sais Bach and the Welsh migrations, Shani Chickens, Lone Man and old trickster Coyote, The Cherokee Owl, Wil Cefn Goch, Mari Berllan Piter; Brer Bear and Sister Skunk, and Buffalo Bill's visit to Aberystwyth in 1904.

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Darlun / Illustration: Valériane Leblond


'The Moon-eyed People and the White Ravens'


Peter Stevenson and Ailsa Mair Fox

Ailsa's website 


Encounters between the Welsh and Native American cultures through folk tales, music and visual art, pieced together from visits to the Appalachian Mountains, conversations with storytellers, and birdsong carried on the wind across boundaries. Including;

The well known legend of Prince Madoc, John Evans's search for the Mandan, Morgan Morgan o Morgannwg and the founding of West Virginia, Lone Man and  the trickster coyote, Buffalo Bill's visit to Aberystwyth in 1904, and the Cherokee Blodeuwedd.


Storytelling, crankies, and projections from Peter Stevenson;

Voice, cello and more from Ailsa Mair Hughes


Includes the film 'Rhyfel y Sais Bach'

The Frolic; the life and times of John Roberts, Romany storyteller and harper


with Harriet Earis 


The story of the Romani man who deserted from the army, performed for Queen Victoria, and travelled the land with his family band the Cambrian Minstrels. Featuring the traditional tunes he played, and the stories of Esmeralda the Gypsy Dancing Girl, the King of the Romani, and the Green Man of No Man’s Land.

Stori’r dyn Romani a gefnodd ar y fyddin lle y bu’n perfformio ar gyfer y Frenhines  Fictoria. Yn nodweddu’r tonau traddodiadol a chwaraewyd ganddo, a straeon Esmeralda’r Ddawnswraig Sipsi, Brenin Romani, a’r Dyn Gwyrdd o ‘No Man’s Land’


Crossing the Boundary / Croesi'r Terfynau




Ailsa Mair Fox (cello, dulcimer, harmonium, psalter, and voice) and Peter Stevenson (stories, illustrations, crankie and concertina.


Do we own the land or does the land own us?

Themes of visible and invisible walls in the landscape, and encounters with the 'Other' world who inconveniently try to cross those boundaries, are rife throughout Welsh folk tales.

Discover what happened when these tales were told in America late last year, when the subject of wall-building to keep 'them' out was on everyone's lips, and meet Fanny the Cardiff Barmaid, the American Post Tortoise, the Lady-boys of the Mynydd, and the Lincolnshire gentleman who wanted to build a castle on a Welsh mountain.


Myra; The Lost Fairy Tales and Folk Songs of west Wales

with Elsa Davies and Ceri Owen-Jones


An encounter with the dark Otherworld of Ceredigion, from the lady of the Millpond to the Llanina mermaid, from lazy harpers to light footed Sgilti, from Siani Pob Man to Sigl-di-gwt. Grimm tales and traditional tunes and songs from the 1850s and beyond, fairy tales and folk songs collected by Myra Evans of New Quay, pieced together from scrubbing archives for old manuscripts and tramping old pathways in search of ivy covered ruins and misty memories of people long gone. Performed in a unique collaboration between two musicians and singers and a visual artist and storyteller

Songs and strories restored to life by Ceri Owen Jones, harp and trombone, Elsa Davies, fiddle, and Peter Stevenson, storyteller and illustrations.  


Running time 1 hour 20 mins, or two halves of 40 mins

For older children, adults and lovers of the dark side of fairy tales.

Available to book through Noson Allan / Night Out


The Crow and the Canary


A curious encounter between the crow lady of the Ceredigion Otherworld and the Poet from No Man's Land.  The story of the meeting between Dylan Thomas and the fairy tale collector Myra Evans, featuring the stories of the Llwynwermwnt Changeling, and Rhysyn and the Mermaid, with a live musical soundtrack composed by Elsa Davies, featuring Dylan's poem the Ballad of the Long Legged Bait, and a full length magical lantern show featuring a couple of hundred slides.


Mash up folk music and west Welsh songs with Ceri Owen Jones, telyn/harp, and Elsa Davies ffidl/fiddle, and a cauldron of stories by stori-wr Peter Stevenson from his 'Ceredigion Folk Tales' and 'The World of Dylan Thomas,' both published by the History Press in 2014.


For older children, adults, grizzled grandmothers and lovers of dark fairy tales.


Running time 1 hour 15 mins, or two halves with short stories and songs in the first half..


Available for booking through Noson Allan / Night Out

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