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The Full Story

Recordiadau / Recordings


The lost fairy tales and folk songs of west Wales

Chwedlau a chaneuon colledig gorllewin Cymru


Fairy tales and folk music collected by Myra Evans of Ceinewydd, Ceredigion


Ceri Owen-Jones; telyn, llais, trombon / harp, voice, trombone


Elsa Davies; ffidl, llais / fiddle, voice


Peter Stevenson; storiwr, darlunydd / storyteller, illustration


Ceri Rhys Matthews; producer


Jens Schroeder; recording engineer

Myra Evans was born in Ceinewydd, Ceredigion, at midnight between November 1st and 2nd 1883, the night of All Souls, when the veil between this world and the Otherworld is at its thinnest. She collected fairy tales and folk songs, recipes and recollections, relics and antiquities, from her parents and grandparents, and from the old sea captains and cobblers of Cei. She kept dozens of notebooks and sketchbooks, containing a priceless record of 'the the small and hardly known and never to be forgotten people of the little town.'

The cottages at Pentre Garth, Ceinewydd, featured in Myra's story, and where we recorded the lost fairy tales and folk music of Ceredigion.

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